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  Video Title Start Date End Date
Jesus in the curse05/13/201405/13/2134
Revival From the Word; part 1 05/18/201405/18/2014
April 6 2014 Genesis 3 04/06/201404/06/2014
Jesus spoke Peace, Comfort and Courage to his friends05/18/201405/18/2014
Grace in the midst of sin and judgement05/14/201405/14/2014
Conclusion; Jesus' last teaching 2 of 205/11/201405/11/2014
Jesus' last teaching to his friends- and to us! 1 of 205/11/201405/11/2014
The First Gospel as told in Genesis 3:14,15 04/27/201404/27/2014
God gave a promise- He would undo the effects of sin05/04/201405/04/2014
Christ's death to recreate us as individuals and as the Church -John 1204/06/201404/06/2014
Created in God's Image 2-2-14 03/09/201403/09/2014
2 14 The Love of God02/09/201402/09/2014
Barbara LaChance on the Blood of Christ for each of us. 05/04/201405/04/2014
Christ endured the horror of all our sins 04/13/201404/13/2014
The Knowledge of Good and Evil04/13/201404/13/2014
Love Motivates Obedience 2 22 14m02/23/201402/23/2014
Revival From the Word; part 2 05/24/201405/24/2014
Two Ways Genesis 405/25/201405/25/2014
3 16 1403/16/201403/16/2014
Barbara LaChance with a great message05/25/201405/25/2014
5 25 14 Ray B 05/25/201405/25/2014
The Harvest part106/01/201406/01/2014
The Harvest, conclusion of part 1 06/01/201406/01/2014
The Harvest Part 206/08/201406/23/2014
Grace of Giving 06/15/201406/15/2014
Grace of Giving: Conclusion 06/15/201406/15/2014
Nothing Hidden Genesis 406/08/201406/08/2014
Nothing Hidden, Conclusion 06/08/201406/08/2014
First Murder Genesis 4 06/15/201406/15/2014
Stewardship, part 1.06/22/201406/22/2014
Stewardship, part 2 06/22/201406/22/2014

Grace Fellowship Church of Baltic: A place where Jesus Christ is lifted up on high (John 12:32); where, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, He is re-making His children in His image (Romans 8:28,29) and where God is at work equipping all of His children for the edification of the saints with love and grace (Ephesians 4:12) so that the Message of
Cross will be fully proclaimed in our community, state, nation, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8), for the Glory of God.
Grace Fellowship of Baltic is a community seeking God together. Anyone from any walk of life is welcome; in an environment where people of all ages can be comfortable and feel welcomed by the Holy Spirit to seeking a closer walk with the Lord. more info...
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